The Cuban and her German.
My husband Matt & me. 

I was born and raised in Miami, Florida where my family settled in the early 60s after emigrating from Cuba. Like all of our peers, our family’s Cuban heritage was a very integral part of my brother’s and mine American life. 

My family on vacation in Central America circa 1977.
My family on vacation in Central America circa 1977.

I learned to cook from all the great women in my family as well as my friends’ mothers and grandmothers. As someone who learns best by watching and being hands-on, I observed them as they prepared and cooked family meals. I marveled at how they just KNEW how to throw ingredients together and make great food without a single written recipe. When I got older, married, and moved away from home I asked them all to put these recipes to paper and amassed a nice collection of my most favorite meals. I knew one day they wouldn’t be around anymore and this would be one way I knew I would be able to connect with them long after. 

In addition to cooking, I am also a working craftswoman and freelance photographer. You can see some of my photography here. Select prints from both mine and my husbands portfolios are available for purchase on Although I am now semi-retired from IT work, I have been a web developer for 20 years. By the way, if you need a site for your business, get in touch with me for rates. 

I love to cook and I cook with love. From black beans to flan, I owe my skills and knowledge in the kitchen to all the great women in my life. Unfortunately, my parents and grandparents have all passed away, but they left me with one of the greatest gifts you could ever impart on a child: the gift of cooking. 

These recipes are theirs; this website is a tribute to them. 

My husband and I live in central Indiana. We have two beautiful daughters.