Tips for the best results

Like many Latina women, I learned how to cook primarily by watching others cook. No matter who I observed in the kitchen, their approach to cooking was the same and can best be described as: cavalier. No measuring spoons, no measuring cups. This is my approach to cooking as well; I simply eyeball the seasonings and adjust in the cooking process. I’ve done my best to provide measurements but your tastes might differ from mine. For example, I absolutely love garlic, and I will shamelessly use 4-5 cloves of garlic where only 2 might suffice. If a recipe reads like there’s too much of something you may not want overpowering the taste of your food, use less of it or omit it entirely. Although, I will say in the case of garlic, it is ubiquitous in Cuban cuisine and one of our essential flavors. Your dish won’t taste the same if you omit it entirely.

The majority of the recipes on the website are either coming from memory or experience, or they’ve been verbally passed on to me by family and friends. When I think about my dining experiences at restaurants back home in Miami or even here in Indianapolis(where, luckily, there are TWO Cuban eateries), or having dinner at friends’ houses, no two picadillos or ropa viejas or vaca fritas ever tasted the same. I cannot guarantee that my recipes will be the same as you remember but I CAN guarantee that they will all be delicious. If I’ve missed an ingredient, or if you recall a meal prepared differently, please let me know in the comments section of each recipe. I’m always eager to learn or try a different ingredient or method.

Tips that should be obvious

Wash fruits, vegetables, meats, and most importantly, HANDS, prior to using them.

Use clean cutting boards and knives, especially when cooking with raw meat, fish, chicken, pork or eggs. Wash surfaces, cutting boards, and knives in warm soapy water prior to using them with another ingredient.

For the most authentic flavor, use fresh ingredients always.